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Monday, January 7, 2019

January 07, 2019

Pc gaming Vs Console gaming: which is better ?

PC gaming vs console gaming

Well, both have their own different aspects in various factors. So let's checkout the difference between PC gaming Vs console gaming.

Well, both have their own different aspects in various factors. So let's checkout the difference between PC gaming Vs console gaming. It will give you an quick idea of choosing between both.

1. Ease of use

Consoles will always win in this area. The idea of just plug and play is still there to this day. If you get an error for a game on console you can always contact support, but for PC for the most part you have to figure it out yourself. Console Gamers also don’t have to deal with DRM.

2. Online

For Xbox and Playstation you need to pay a annual fee to pay online. Microsoft and Sony can get away with this, but if Steam ever pulled this off (just like they tried with paid mods) they wouldn’t get away with it. On both you can chat with friends while playing games and have a friends list.
Another thing is that PC gamers don’t have to deal with getting their servers hacked. Lizard Squad hacked PSN and Xbox live over Christmas and remember that huge PSN hack in 2011 ? Well PC players don’t experience it.

3. Hackers

This is something that you never see on console(Xbox one and PS4 at least).Hackers are an issue on PC and while anti-cheats are getting better and better hackers will never be stopped. On Xbox one I’ve yet to experience any hackers on COD, GTA etc. But it’s unfortunate that these hackers decide to ruin the experience for many players.

4. Graphics

Before you call me out for comparing xbox 360 to PC this is just for comparison purposes.
There’s no doubt that PC usually looks better than console. Games are usually sharper, higher resolution, 60 fps etc…
The games just look better, but at the same time sometimes the developers can make shitty ports. Then that’s on the developer’s end, but usually games nowadays are optimized pretty good.

5. Customization

On PC you can customize it way more than a console.
Want to play Far Cry 4 with a high resolution and 60 fps ?
You can do that, but on console your stuck with that 1080p 30 fps at those graphic settings. You can also customize the look of the computer way more. Want a 4 monitor setup ? You can sure as hell do that
You can just do lots of things with this.

6. Controls

Well it’s already proven that the mouse & keyboard is way more accurate than a controller.
Another great thing is you can customize the controls way more on PC. On console you only have presets which can be a hassle at times. There’s also way more options of mouses and keyboards than there are 3rd party controllers.

7. Store

PC wins in this one. Steam has way more discounts and games than console can ever dream of. Also with PC your not stuck on the current generation games. Sure there is backwards compatibility, but can you play PS2 gen games ? Nope and there’s still some games that aren’t compatible.
Console games usually aren’t on discounts and the ones that are you probably won’t notice to much. Besides on PC you can use other platforms besides steam so your not restricted to 1 store like on console.

8. Players

On console a lot of the playerbase are kids. Usually you won’t find it on PC unless your playing minecraft or something. So that’s one thing and another thing is on PC there are less players. That really sucks because if you wanna play black ops 2 on PC then good luck. Wanna play it on Xbox One then have a fun time.

9. Cost

A lot of people say that to have a PC you need to spend thousands of dollars, which just isn’t true. There are lots of options actually and Alien Ware even made a PC that’s suppose to be like a console.
The PC price varies quite a bit though. For consoles you’ll pay $250-$400 depending on the size of the hard drive, but overtime it’ll cost a lot. The xbox live/ps plus will add a lot to the price and you’ll find out how much a console really cost.
Consoles cost a lot overtime
PC’s cost a lot up front

Well after checking their aspects in different factors let move on their pros and cons:


-No worrying about discs
-Mods are supported
-Depending on the computer, better resolution, graphics, etc.
-Higher amount of customization options
-Password Protected

-Not as mobile as consoles
-Depending on computer, can be more expensive
-More problems to worry about(didn't put together correctly, game isn't supported by OS, etc.)


-Easier setup
-Easier method of buying games
-Can take it over to friends house

-Discs can get scratched
-May get called a ‘fake gamer’ by PC elitists
-Online paywall(Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus,etc.)
-Lower amount of customization

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Monday, December 31, 2018

December 31, 2018

How WhatsApp make money.

WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum as an alternative to pricey SMS services. The app allows users to upload their contact book and message anyone who has the app installed at no cost
Facebook Inc. purchased WhatsApp in February 2014 for $19 billion, and according to the 2014 Facebook Form 10-Q, in the nine months preceding September 30, 2014, WhatsApp generated  revenue of $1,289,000. How is WhatsApp making its money?

 WhatsApp make money in different way, they didn't earn directly from WhatsApp service or any ad promotion.

Let me show you:

More than one billion people are now using Whatsapp everyday in the world. Currently 55 billion messages are being sent per day.
4.5 billion photos are being sent per day.
Currently it supports 60 languages​ all over the world. It is not like a traditional sms app, it has much more good features.
It is increasing and expanding at every moment. Still now it is totally free of cost.

Now the story is:

You don't know​ after buying WhatsApp, Facebook has increased their net growth revenue in a multifolded. Facebook knows all about you even you don't know about those information of you, sometimes you forget those small incidents. They have made a large database from WhatsApp. They are able to serve interest based advertisement now.

Let me discuss about it:

•Facebook knows about your personal informations.
•Facebook knows​ about your professional informations.
•They know about your relationship and families.
•They know what you like or dislike
•They know what kind of activities you are doing each and every day sometimes you forget about those activities but Facebook keeps in mind.
•Even they know about your mental and emotional situation. Sometimes you ignore those things but Facebook does not, they record all these Small things in their database system.
•They know what you want and what you don't​ want in your daily life.
•They know where you go, when you go and why you go they always follow you (internet location services, group activities and status updating).
•Their ad performance is the best in the world , totally 100% target and interest based ad they are selling.

So, Facebook team is using their WhatsApp database system to grow and helps to achieve their target. Sequoia Capital invested around $8 million in the company, and many other investors are interested in investing in the venture. In India, Reliance Communications has teamed up with WhatsApp for providing a unique scheme for Reliance's prepaid users -- a WhatsApp Plan. So, WhatsApp is making money by tie-ups with popular telecom companies as well.

Happy new year to all our readers, may this year gives you more happiness. stay connected.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

December 19, 2018

Pros and cons of blogging | December 2018

Nowadays, it seems as if everyone is reading—and writing—blogs. For design enthusiasts, blogs are an immensely popular source of information offering new ideas, advice, and inspiration. For design professionals, it's the creation of a blog that offers the greatest opportunity—a means of cultivating a following and increasing awareness of and interest in their work.

But, doing it well is a whole other story, one that requires a time commitment.


•Starting a blog is easy. The steps to beginning a blog are dead simple. You can choose a template from websites like Blogger (Ford's choice), WordPress (Wolf and Henderson's pick), or Tumblr. Adding posts is almost as easy as sending e-mail.

•A blog gives people a reason to visit your website. "For the most part, your business website is pretty static, unless you're constantly adding new projects," says Ford. "A blog gives you an opportunity to add more depth and dimension to your voice." Because it's updated frequently, it can keep people coming back.

•It can help create a sense of community. "Our industry is very close, and designers are usually very isolated from one another," says Wolf. "My blog puts subjects out there for people to discuss. I'll also use it to address the problems that we have in the industry." Reader responses—both from other designers and the general public—can help generate new ideas. "You get feedback on things that make you think," says Wolf.

•A blog is a living archive of personal sources of inspiration. "It's a place to gather the things that inspire you," says Henderson, pointing out that, unlike printed photos, blog posts don't clutter up your desk. And, you can quickly find past posts via Google.

•The outreach can be incredible. You never know who might land on your blog, including potential new clients and press. "On Facebook, I have almost 6,000 people that like my blog," says Ford. "So, when I post something, all of those people see it. Even if just a fraction of them re-post it, suddenly their followers see it, and who knows who may end up coming to my website.


•A good blog requires regular updates. Although starting a blog is easy, "the more difficult part is being disciplined enough to stay on it," with frequent posts, says Ford. For Henderson, that means a more formal commitment. "I have a schedule to make sure I update it regularly," he says.

•Being too honest can lead to trouble. "You might expose yourself too much," with regular posts about your daily work, says Wolf. "If I'm bitching about a client, a prospective client may read that," and be put off.

•Because it's a reflection of your business, a blog shouldn't be done haphazardly. "I use it as another facet of my business, so I have to make sure it's done professionally," says Ford. "That means taking the time to make sure that the grammar and spelling are correct and that I have really good-quality images."

•Unexpected technical issues can require extra time. "Technical issues sometimes crop up, and that's probably the most time-consuming thing," says Henderson. "For instance, right now, some of my recent posts have disappeared for some reason."

Thursday, December 13, 2018

December 13, 2018

Android's Project Treble

What is the project treble on android upgrade?

Project Treble is started by Google. The project is all about providing the latest Android version updates to the users. 

Every time when a new Android version came, phone makers had to wait for the chipset vendors  like Qualcomm and MediaTek to update the areas of the code of internal hardware.

Making it possible to provide android updates to the users is really a hot mess for the smartphone companies. Because of the Project Treble, all the hardware specific component now exists as a crust, whenever a new Android releases, the phone maker can now only focus on the process to roll out. 

Android 8.O Oreo released with the integrated Project Treble in 2017. However, the Android 9 Pie software is complete and operational with chipset vendors ready to support a number of treble ready devices.

What is the necessity of Project Treble?

Since the very beginning, Android updates have been a major headache for the phone-makers. Apart from the pixel line of Google, no other Androiddevice maker provides consistently and reliably software updates.
It's the user who devoid not only from the latest feature and interface of Google but also from the latest privacy, security and enhancements feature.

We can see the condition of android updates from a survey conducted byDigital Trends- "only 19 percent of active Android devices have android 8.0 Oreo operating system." And that's why Project Treble came-to cut some of the time and cost associated with the process of OS update so that user can get the latest software more quickly.

Project's impact:

As the project came out with android oreo, there are some handsets which got the android P beta update before the official release-Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S,Nokia 7 PlusOppo R15 ProVivo X21OnePlus 6, and Essential PH‑1,Google Pixel, and Google Pixel 2.


For instance, On one side a company like Samsung which makes major modification to the Android software with its own custom interface and add-on features and on the other hand , a company like Motorola which sticks to stock android or apply minor tweaks- so as practical, it should take less effort and time for Motorola to process and deliver each new update. To make project treble a successful move for Google, companies should try to stick to the stock android utmost, for user reliability.

Credits to kaalitechz. Read more interesting article at

Monday, December 10, 2018

December 10, 2018

Ryan toys review, 7 year old Ryan made $22 million from YouTube in 2018 | here's how?

Starting a YouTube channel might be tough and generating money from that is more tougher than that. But can you believe that a 7 year old Ryan, successfully hold the channel Ryan toysreview and even made profit of $22 million from that channel. His parents support him in his work, but in this age making such profit seems like unbelievable. Let's checkout further,

Ryan used to review about the toys on his channel.His parents consistently film him opening different toys from Leggos to surprise eggs nearly every day.

He explain the toys' feature while playing with them. His personality makes his video more interesting for kids to keep watching, since they are his huge fanbase.

And talking about profit, Those 5 seconds ads, or the pre-roll ads on his channel are part of his profits. As the amount of views go up, so do the money he gets from those advertisements. For instance, a video of him reviewing a box containing more than 100 toys from Pixar's Cars series has about 933 million views. That's money!!!

Sponsored posts are also the parts of his profits. These posts come from toy companies who sponsor his videos. He has also a toy line called Ryan's World which is sold in Walmart. When you shop in Target, you might see his face on toys and clothing. I guess he gets money from this also.

Its really appreciating for the parents because their commitment and dedication helped push their son to success. Also, Ryan's personality and passion made his viewers hooked to the screen to keep on watching his videos.

Monday, December 3, 2018

December 03, 2018

Best niches for your blog post, profitable niches | 2018

Well starting a blog needs a specific topic or niches. It is first step for any blogger to begin in blogging and it should be chosen wisely. Because the niche that you will choose should be of your interest Otherwise later on you will regret it, you will face difficulty to write on the topic that you hadn't interest on. In now times many of the Bloggers starts to make blog on technology, or entertainment or news, but they should be aware of  this that these topics are already having so much competition in market and competing for beginners seems like next to impossible. So it is rocemmended to choose the right niches for blogging with medium competition and high CPC. These niches will not only rank but will also generate good money with good CPC. So if you are having problem in choosing the right niche, we have sorted out the some of the best niches, which have medium competition and will easily rank.

1. Food
Those who have interest in cooking or making different kinds of recipes and wants to start a blog then this can be a good choice. Because who doesn't love food and everyone loves it and many people make search on different kinds of recipes. So if you have enough knowledge and you know how to make recipes and other cooking hacks, you can pick this niche. And noteworthy point is that it has many sub categories like, keto diet recipes, muscle building recipes, fatloss recipes. So if you want to start micro niche blogging, you can also pick these sub categories to start on micro blog, which can be easily rank able.

2. Travelling
If you are traveller and discover new and interesting places then this niche is for you. You can write about the destination that you have discovered, the interesting thing about the places, you can advise other people about  do's or don't at such places through your blog. The great thing about this niche that this will help audience to know about the places without getting there and if they are planning they can reach too.

3. Art and craft
Art and craft is also great choice. If you have interest in art, you can write on it. You can help other through your knowledge by sharing on through your blog. You can suggest people about drawing hacks, DIY projects, calligraphy and other types of craft on your blog. If you wants to start micro blog in this category you can use calligraphy, DIY projects, as your micro blogging's topic.

4. Gardening
If you love to do gardening and have enough knowledge and want to share with others, you can, through you blog. Yes, you can write on this topic also. This niche has great search volume with medium competition. So if you have interest in it you can take this as your blog's niche. You can write on best variety of seeds that one should use, best fertilizer according to you, and any other plants related knowledge.

5. Fitness
Fitness can also be a great topic to start on. Here also, many sub categories can be formed for micro niche blogging like, fatloss, supplements guidances, toning specific body part like- love handles. This niche has vast scope. If any fitness freak or lover wants to generate revenue through blogging then there is no topic which can be proven best  for them excepting fitness.

•The niche that we have suggested, should be chosen according to your interest, if you will choose without having an interest, you will be able to start but it will not be able to survive for long time and later on you will regret it. And if you will do hard work which means writing regular articles on your blog with unique content with great SEO optimization you will be able to rank which will enable traffic on your blog and will help to generate great revenue.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

November 28, 2018

WhatsApp new update, features auto preview video in notification panel

WhatsApp is the best instant messaging app available on the playstore, it is the most used app in nowtimes. And it's regular updates make it more beneficial for users. Many of the features of updates are good for users but not so all. Some of the updates can create problems.

The new update of WhatsApp can make you feel embarrassed. Yes, it's true, the new update will allow the user to preview the video for some time in the notification panel. Now the problem arises here that sometimes you may receive sensitive content in videos which you want to keep private but it will automatically start getting play in the notification panel and if the notification are on, the video can also be viewable on the lockscreen by just tapping on it. But this can be prevented by disabling the auto download in the settings which will not download any type of the media sent to you without your permission.

In WAbetainfo reports, this feature is available for iOS user and it can also be available for the version users.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

November 20, 2018

Pubg new update, new weather, new weapons | Nov 2018

The PUBG new update has been rolled out by the company for their users and users are liking it very much. On recent Sunday, the company has confirmed the release of new season by tweeting a tweet. The last segment was introduced with Sanhok map and now the new segment include new vehicles, weapons and much more(to be discussed further). The new update is rolled out by the company and arrived in the most of the PUBG mobile.

Major changes in update:

Added M762 automatic rifle, available on all maps.
Added new Sanhok Vehicle: Scooter.
Added dynamic weather to Sanhok.
Added hardcore mode to provide the same experience as PC.
This update also unlock the new ranked season and Royal pass season and this update will only available in the new version.

Royale Pass Season 4
Added more firearm finishers, rare outfits, new character faces and hairstyles.
Fine-tune the redemption feature.
Added Mission Cards.
Added an event where packs are discounted heavily during Black Friday.
Increased the odds of certain crate drops.

The size of the update is 188.08MB. The last update was released by taking the servers offline but in this update the update is done without taking the servers offline. It is rocemmended to update via WiFi. Other than it is also confirmed that player unknown's battlegrounds PUBG is also coming on PS4. It has been officially announced and the date is scheduled for the launch is December 7.